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Your water heater is one of many appliances in the home that help make your day-to-day life easier. This home appliance keeps you supplied with fresh laundry, warm soaks in the tub, and clean dishes for everyday use. You may not think about it too often—until problems arise. If you are a resident of the Waxhaw, North Carolina area or surrounding communities and believe you may be dealing with an upcoming water heater repair—or even the need for a new water heater—The Water Heater Dude can help!

What are some indications of a failing hot water heater?

Recognizing the common signs of a failing water heater helps you be more proactive in getting repairs performed and replacing the appliance before it becomes an emergency situation. If you notice any of the signs below affecting your home or water heater, it may be time to connect with a professional to evaluate your water heater and walk you through the process of necessary repairs or purchase a new model to best meet your needs!

  • Inconsistent temperatures. The first and most noticeable sign that your water heater might need attention is changes in the temperature of your water. If showers are getting shorter because the water is no longer getting warm enough, this may indicate the need for upcoming service sooner rather than later!
  • Murky, rusty water. If discoloration occurs when running hot water, this may be an indication of rust on the inside of the tank, contaminating the water as it is warming. Replacement may be the only solution to this concern, as rust cannot be removed from the water heater and will continue to worsen with time.
  • Less hot water supply. When water tends to switch to cold sooner than usual, this might be a sign that a repair is in the near future. Water heaters become less efficient with age, so if your unit is older, it might be time for a new water heater. This issue may also be caused by a broken dip tube or a malfunctioning thermostat, so it may even be an easy fix.
  • Regular repairs. As much as The Water Heater Dude loves to visit his customers, too many visits in a short period of time may indicate the need for a new water heater. While repairing a water heater is often much less expensive than replacing one, that doesn’t mean that continual fixes are the most cost-effective solution for your hot water woes.
  • Old age. Most traditional tank-style water heaters will last around a decade or longer. If your unit is starting to show its age, it is often time to consider a replacement and upgrading your unit may even help in saving money on your electricity bill while offering peace of mind knowing you have a more reliable appliance for all of your hot water needs.

Do you suspect it is time for a water heater repair or even a new water heater?

The Water Heater Dude has your back! He has been proudly serving the residents of Waxhaw, North Carolina, and the surrounding areas for 15 years and is available to assist when hot water issues begin to occur. Call (704) 989-7958 today to request a house call for friendly, affordable service, or connect with us via our website’s contact form to get answers to your questions from our experienced provider.

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